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Egypt Exploration Society

The Egypt Exploration Society has been an important part of Ankh Antiquarian Books since 1990 when it was made their representative for the E.E.S in Australia. A position I have been very proud to hold for 31 years. In 2013 the relationship became more formal with a new title offered by the E.E.S of Authorized Bookseller for the Egypt Exploration Society. In 2020 I dissolved this arrangement as I no longer sell the EES magazine, however I still highly recommend the EES to all people interested in Ancient Egypt.

At Ankh Antiquarian Books we actively promote joining the E.E.S and can provide advice on how to do this in Australia. What publications and products you can buy, how to visit the head office in London or in Cairo, Egypt, and access the members library etc.

As a member of the E.E.S you receive a 10% discount on any purchase at Ankh Antiquarian Books. If you are visiting Australia and are a member please contact us if you need any help or information on Egyptology locations in Australia, we are very happy to help. Finally we have a good range of E.E.S publications and back copies of J.E.A and the Bulletin available on our eBay page and in our shop. (By appointment)

The Egypt Exploration Society(EES) has been working in Egypt since 1882. For over 120 years the EES has been making all aspects of the culture of ancient and historic Egypt (to 1900 AD) better known to the public.

Their fieldwork and research is undertaken in Egypt itself and the results of this work are made available through their website, publications, and through events held in London and Cairo.

The Society is a registered UK charity and relies on subscriptions and donations to fund its work. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in ancient Egypt. If you have any questions regarding the E.E.S please feel free to contact me.


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