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Laura Visits New York Rare Book Fair 2022

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In May 2022, Laura Jaeger, co-owner of Ankh Antiquarian Books travelled to New York, USA for the ABAA rare book fair.  Traveling with friend, Sarah Uglow, they hit New York on opening night.  

Within 5 minutes its seemed as Laura walked around the fair, she had a small coitery of photographers and journalists following her!  I don’t think they expected a young, fresh face like Laura’s at what could at best be considered an event for older people; but that is where the book world is changing.  Book collecting, prints, ephemera and records is becoming hip!

Finally the New York Times wrote up a lovely article about this fact as young booksellers are entering the trade, learning about rare books through various courses such as at York in UK and Colorodo USA.

Want to learn more about collecting rare books and books in general, a good place to start is right here at Ankh Antiquarian Books. Drop me a line for further information.

Ankh Antiquarian Books established in 1989, specialises in rare Antiquarian books and new books on the subject of Ancient Egypt and History. Our range of magazines include KMT A modern journal of Ancient Egypt (USA), Egyptian Archaeology Bulletin (the EES UK magazine) and The Nile, an Australian based magazine printed in the UK.

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